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Joint Replacement and Revisions

It is an unfortunate fact of life that our joints wear out, often at a faster rate than the rest of our body.  Especially vulnerable are the hips and knees.  We perform several total knee replacements and total hip replacements weekly.  In fact, our clinic performed the first total hip replacement in Anchorage, Alaska using the anterior approach. The anterior approach can improve mobility faster and decreases the risk of dislocation.  We perform more partial knee replacements than other providers in Alaska.  While not as common of an ailment, we also reconstruct shoulders. We work with you to personalize the best joint replacement option for your body and your needs.  We also offer more complex joint revision surgery for previously placed total joints that have worn out or failed.

Total Hip Replacement Options

  • Minimally invasive, posterior hip replacement

  • Direct anterior hip replacement

  • Hip revisions

Knee Replacement Options

  • Partial knee replacement
  • Total knee replacement
  • Knee revisions

Shoulder Replacement Options

  • Hemi-arthroplasty (both stemmed and resurfacing)
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement

Sports Medicine

Alaskans are known for living hard and playing harder. All too often that can come at a cost. From an ACL injury to a rotator cuff injury, from sprains to strains, and from overuse injuries to falls and breaks, our team is ready to help get you back out there doing the things you love. We pride ourselves in using every non-operative solution as possible, saving surgery as a last resort. However, if the need arises for surgery, we have the experience and expertise to be there for you and walk you through every step of the way.

shoulder dislocation recovery

Fracture and Trauma Care

With Alaska’s world-renown ruggedness, it’s no surprise that emergency orthopedic care is a cornerstone of what we do.  We treat urgent and emergent fractures and other soft-tissue injuries from across the state.  From the common wrist and ankle fractures, to complex fractures such as pelvic fractures. We can help you get back into the wild whether that means splinting or casting, or whether you require surgery.

Pediatric Orthopedics

As in most facets of life, children and adolescents are not just small adults. The anatomy and biomechanics differ from the skeletally mature. We treat a myriad of conditions specific to the child and adolescent population including traumatic injuries such as fractures and sports and overuse injuries. We also can help with flatfeet and in-toeing. We can be your first-line evaluation for other congenital concerns and point you in the right direction for congenital repairs if needed.

Pediatric Orthopedics


From bursitis, shoulder dislocations, frozen shoulders, impingement and rotator cuff tear, labral tears, to clavicle injuries and AC separations, we understand the importance of optimizing your shoulder function and will work to get you comfort, mobility, and strength.  Procedures we offer include arthroscopy, Mumford procedure, hemiarthroplasty, total and reverse total shoulder replacement, and rotator cuff repair, and labral repairs.

Hand and Upper Extremity

We can help you with carpal tunnel syndrome, scaphoid fractures, ganglion cysts, trigger fingers, tendonitis of the wrist, arthritis of the thumb, forearm and elbow fractures, tennis and golfer’s elbow, olecranon bursitis, nerve entrapment and fractures of the humerus.  We also perform Tommy John procedure.

What is an Orthopedic Surgeon


The hip is such an important weight-bearing joint.  We keep you moving by treating hip arthritis and bursitis, and injuries like a hip fracture, dislocated hip, hip flexor injury, or labral tear.  We perform minimally invasive hip replacements with a posterior approach and anterior hip replacements.


We care for a wide array of knee issues.  Ligament injuries (ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL), meniscus injuries, arthritis, patella fractures, tendon ruptures and tears, patellofemoral pain, bursitis, quadriceps tendonitis, Osgood-Schlatter syndrome, and osteochondral defects.  We perform knee arthroscopic surgery, the OATS procedure, and total and partial knee replacements using the Oxford Uni Knee. 

Regenerative Therapy

Our office now has platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). PRP uses the patient’s blood and spun down on site to obtain a concentrated platelet solution with an increased concentration of growth factors. These appear to speed the natural healing process once injected into the affected area. We will offer it to select patients with tendinitis and epicondylitis.  As the research of this novel therapy develops we will expand use to other conditions.  There is fairly good research supporting its use in limited conditions without significant side effects.

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