Our team operates at the following locations:

  • Alaska Surgery Center (same day surgery only)
    4100 Lake Otis Parkway (907) 550-6100
  • Providence Hospital (same day and in-patient surgeries)
    3200 Providence Drive (907) 562-2211
  • Alaska Regional Hospital (same day and in-patient surgeries)
    2801 DeBarr Road (907) 276-1131

Surgery Schedule

  • Our surgeons generally have set block times at each location. Certain times are dedicated for inpatient procedures, while other block times are set aside for same day surgeries.
  • Our clinic does require a surgery deposit of $500.00 prior to your procedure. This will of course be applied to your coinsurance/deductible. If your insurance company pays at 100%, your deposit will be refunded once payment is received from your insurance company.
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