We will see you in the office for a pre-operative visit within 2 weeks of surgery. This visit will include discussion and questions about the surgery, a limited history and physical exam, signing the operative consent and any last minute instructions.

If you have any pre-existing medical problems you may need to get medical clearance prior to surgery from the physician who is treating you for those medical issues.

Please notify us if you are taking any anti-coagulants (blood thinners) such as PLAVIX, COUMADIN, HEPARIN, LOVENOX, and XARELTO. These medications need to be stopped prior to surgery.

Some medications and Herbal supplements need to be stopped prior to surgery.

If your surgery is at Providence or Alaska Regional, you will be given an envelope with the operative consent, pre op orders and the history and physical paperwork. This envelope needs to be taken to “pre-admissions” at the appropriate hospital the same day or at least 1 day prior to surgery.

If your surgery is being done at the Alaska Surgery Center, you do not need to go to the surgery center prior to the day of surgery. The appropriate paperwork will be faxed to the Alaska Surgery Center. You will need to arrive about 2 hours prior to surgery, any studies that need to be done pre-operatively will be done at that time.

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