Aspirin needs to be stopped one week prior to surgery since it affects the clotting time of the blood.

The following herbal medications should not be taken two weeks prior to surgery, as they have been linked to adverse reactions with anesthesia:
St. Johns Wort                                     Kava or Kava Kava
Ephedra                                                Ma Huang
Echinacea                                             Valerian
Garlic (in food ok)                              Herbal Phen Fen
Gingko                                                  Herbal Phentermine

Ask if you are on another herbal supplement not listed and unsure.  Drugs such as heroine, cocaine, etc., can alter the effects of anesthesia and can be fatal if used prior to surgery.  This can include alcohol.  (For safety reasons, please inform your doctor if you have used any of these within the past month.)

The following prescription medications should not be taken prior to the times noted under each medication: PLAVIX, COUMADIN, WARFARIN should be discontinued 10 days before surgery.

Xenical (generic name Orlistat), Meridia (generic name Sibutramine) should be discontinued at least 3 days before surgery. Phentermine (brand names Adipex, Fastin, Tora, Wilpowr, Zantryl)and Redux should be discontinued 2 weeks before surgery.

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